“A Thousand Ways to Go Home,” The Fantastic Other, February 2023*

“In Boca al Lupo / In the Mouth of the Wolf,” Every Day Fiction, February 2023*

“The Ladies from the Outside,” Out of the Darkness, Wolfsinger Press, December 2022

“Angels in the Square,” Not One of Us, September 2022

“Mrs. Daedalus,” The Future Fire, January 2022*


First Prize, Writers of the Future, 4th Quarter 2022.

“The Dragons Daughter,” Honorable Mention, Writers of the Future,
3rd Quarter 2022


Writers of the Future Volume 39, Spring 2023

“Red Tail Shifters,” Underdogs Arise, Underdogs Press, 2023

“The Changeling of Sneem,” Other and Different, Coup of Owls Press, 2023

“Doomcookies and Donuts,” Written With Pride, Not a Pipe Publishing, 2023

“The Language of Water,” Typehouse Magazine, 2023

*Available to read online